The process that affects the results.


Transparency and effectiveness are the most important qualities that distinguish our product development process.

This process is flexible, efficient and brings splendid results.



The most important thing is to determine the client's needs. Since then, it all begins. During this stage we prepare:

  • a scope and objective of the project
  • exact business requirements
  • concept of implementation
  • preliminary work plan


At this stage we design a network of relations and the rules governing the individual components of the project, thus establishing an internal development plan. As a result we get:

  • technical project of the system
  • description of use cases
  • technical description of the relations
  • description of relations between components and production environment
  • technological and process requirements

UI Design

We create attractive and useful graphic prototypes, thanks to which our Client can see how the product will look and work. During this stage we make:

  • usability tests
  • application wireframe and A/B testing
  • UI design
  • Implementation of Client’s comments


We use modern, reliable and productive solutions. Each project is realized by a dedicated team of developers. The results of this stage are:

  • Front-end - mock-ups of interactive applications
  • Back-end - an intuitive content management system (CMS)


We work on models and existing databases. We adapt our software to the existing environment and integrate it with other systems. We make:

  • integrations with databases
  • integrations with existing APIs
  • single and double-sided integrations


To obtain the highest quality of our product we need to make sure that it is free from any defects. For this purpose we make a series of tests:

  • ongoing tests - during realization of the project
  • stage tests - after completion of group of tasks
  • final tests in production environment
  • acceptance tests by the Client


This is the last stage of realization, which takes place after the acceptance of all works. At this stage a product is ready and requires only a few operations:

  • support in the preparation of a target environment
  • implementation on the target environment
  • final tests
  • user trainings


After completion of the project we also provide post-production services in the field of coding, design and administration:

  • ongoing maintenance
  • support of coders and designers
  • implementations of updates and new solutions
  • advising on the development of your projects
  • SLA and response to requests

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